Stories in Virginia

Learning in Virginia

Five people stand together on a mud flat at low tide. A long row of exposed oyster reef stretches behind them.
Springing Into Service VCR's Brittany Gonzales, marine restoration specialist, leads Dickinson College students through a restoration workday at Hillcrest Oyster Sanctuary, March 2020. © Daniel White/TNC

For some college students in Virginia, their classroom experiences may include getting hip deep in muddy muck, analyzing coyote scat or navigating drones over forest plots. It’s all part of our collaboration with colleges and universities across the commonwealth, providing living laboratories for the next generation of conservationists.

Using the tabs below, explore these collaborations, discover open opportunities and learn how individual students are helping The Nature Conservancy (TNC) expand our outreach to underserved communities and enrich our understanding of the places we protect.