A wide, flat body of water is nestled in a mountain valley; the sun peeks through mountain peaks at the edge of the water.
The Una River Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina © Ken Geiger/TNC

Protecting Nature in Europe and from Europe

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the most critical issues of our time, and Europe’s environmental leadership influences the world. In Europe, The Nature Conservancy leverages science, policy, finance and proven experience from nearly seven decades of success in over 70 countries to drive globally relevant strategies in Europe and from Europe for lasting conservation impact.

High-altitude view of forests and rivers branching out over land.
Life Colour During the wet season the Gulf of Carpentaria in north Queensland holds a myriad of winding rivers, estuaries, creeks & streams that create one of nature's vivid landscapes. © Scott Portelli/TNC Photo Contest 2021

European Finance for Global Conservation

Public and private funding from Europe goes to support some of TNC's most innovative global strategies to combat climate change and protect nature.

  • Split view of corals growing under the surface of clear water and the sky above.

    Nature Bonds

    TNC’s Nature Bonds Program combines debt refinancing, science, planning and policy to help countries protect ecosystems and support communities. Learn more

  • A mature bull elephant in South Africa looks at the camera.

    Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst

    Africa has one-fifth of the planet’s remaining forests but is losing them faster than anywhere else. Better protection and restoration of these forest landscapes could reduce or remove 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Learn more

  • A herd of white goats crowd together in a meadow. A cowboy on horseback is behind them. A low mountain ridge lines the horizon.

    Regenerative Ranching and Agriculture in Latin America

    Latin America is one of the most important regions globally in terms of food security. TNC is working to address current agricultural challenges, protect ecosystems, and build resilience in this crucial region. Learn more

Water falls over moss covered rocks in a preserve in Croatia.
Waterfalls of the Balkans The waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Plitviče Lakes National Park is a 295-sq.-km forest reserve in central Croatia. It's known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. Walkways and hiking trails wind around and across the water. The Nature Conservancy is developing partnerships with European governments and development agencies to achieve shared conservation goals around the world. © Ken Geiger/TNC