Our Goals for 2030

Tackling Climate Change

Shoots of young mangrove trees rise from the mud near the coast on an island in Kenya.
East Kalimantan, Indonesia Mangrove restoration site in Mtangawanda village on Pate Island, Kenya. © Roshni Lodhia

Climate change is here now. We can limit further warming and the dangers it poses—if we act now. Every fraction of a degree matters.

What we do between now and 2030 will determine whether we can slow warming enough to avoid climate change’s worst impacts. We must drastically cut emissions and remove some carbon from the atmosphere. Fortunately, plants naturally absorb and store carbon. By protecting natural habitats and carefully managing farmland and forests, we can store billions of tons of this “living carbon.”

A message from the future

A Natural Solution to Climate Change

How did nature save the world? (3:01) In this video, it's the future, and we look back on how we saved the world with nature. In the 2020s, we learned that nature could pull 11 billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. This was a full third of the emission reductions we needed! So how did nature do all this?

Our Climate Goals for 2030

By 2030, we will:

  • Reduce or store CO2 emissions

    With the power of nature and the strength of policy and markets, we will reduce or store 3 billion metric tons of carbon yearly.

  • Benefit 100 million people

    We will help 100 million people at severe risk of climate-related emergencies by protecting and restoring the health of natural habitats.

Read our full set of goals for 2030 as we take on the climate and biodiversity crises.


How We’re Tackling Climate Change

We find the people and paths to make it possible. Together, we find a way to overcome barriers.

  • Tree saplings grow in a tree nursery.

    Maximizing Nature’s Ability to Store Carbon

    Nature plays a major role in regulating the climate by storing carbon dioxide. By conserving forests and wetlands, adding regenerative practices to agriculture and planting trees, we’re unleashing nature’s full potential to stabilize the climate. Learn about Natural Climate Solutions >

  • Two workers walk along rows of solar panels.

    Promoting Smart Clean Energy Policies

    We’re working with governments to advance policies that grow clean energy, boost energy efficiency, modernize electric grids and advance battery storage technology. How we’re promoting clean energy through policy >

  • A lush field of crops grows across a blue sky.

    Cultivating a Shift to Planet-Friendly Food Systems

    Growing food in ways that better partner with nature can greatly reduce carbon emissions. For instance, healthy soils have enormous potential to store carbon. How food systems can actively heal the planet >

  • A woman stands in front of a web of mangrove roots and branches holding a young mangrove tree.

    Bolstering Resilience for Habitats and Communities

    We’re helping the most vulnerable communities adapt to climate change by restoring habitats, such as mangroves that reduce the impact of severe storms. How we’re strengthening coastal resilience >

  • Plants in a city park are illuminated by the sun.

    Inspiring Productive Conversations

    We can’t fix something we don't talk about. Our resources encourage more frequent and constructive conversations about climate change so we can all be part of solutions. Explore how to talk about climate change >

Kosrae island, Micronesia
Kosrae island, Micronesia A view of the coastline at sunset near the village of Utwe on the island of Kosrae in Micronesia. © Nick Hall