Nan Weston Nature Preserve at Sharon Hollow

Enjoy a virtual tour!

The Nan Weston Preserve at Sharon Hollow
Want to get out of the house? A day hike at the Nan Weston Preserve at Sharon Hollow is a great way get out and experience the natural wonders of southeast Michigan.

Signs marking some of the preserve’s many trails
Lace up your hiking boots, choose your trails…

A dry upland trail at Sharon Hollow
…and go!

Wooden walkway over wet ground
Sturdy wooden walkways allow hikers to cross low-lying wet areas and streams to navigate the preserve with ease and minimize their impact on the wildlife.

An expanse of trillium wildflowers
In the spring, hikers will witness forests carpeted with Michigan wildflowers such as trillium.

Wild blue flag iris
In the summer months, other plants like the wild blue flag iris, Iris versicolor, flower.

Milfoil weevil on a wild blue flag iris, Iris versicolor
Look closely and immerse yourself into a miniature world.

Wood frog in the leaf litter
Don’t forget to look down to see the cast of characters at the preserve.

Ebony jewelwing damselfly eating a mosquito
Come to witness the dramas in nature at Sharon Hollow like the predator-prey relationship between damselflies and mosquitoes.

A stratified forest reaching for sunlight
Every year, saplings compete for space and sunlight to become the next forest giant.

One of the preserves meandering streams
The hiking trails at Sharon Hollow are crisscrossed with tributaries of the River Raisin.

Arrow arum growing out of the River Raisin
Your hike will ultimately lead you to the banks of the River Raisin. Home to 84 species of fish, 216 aquatic insects and 21 freshwater mussel species, the River Raisin is a biological treasure that depends on the pristine land of the preserve to keep it healthy.

The River Raisin
The waters of the River Raisin ultimately end up in Lake Erie, once serving as a waterway for early settlers and now providing the lifeblood for the communities settled around it today.

Like Your Hike?
We hope this virtual hike has inspired you to visit the Nan Weston Preserve at Sharon Hollow or any one of The Nature Conservancy’s many nature preserves that are open to the public.