Our People

Matt Herbert

Senior Conservation Scientist, Michigan

Lansing, MI

Matt Herbert headshot.

Matt Herbert Matt Herbert is a senior conservation scientist in Michigan. © Laura Henschke

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic Ecology, Great Lakes, Sustainable Fisheries


Media Contact

Ryan Hermes
ph. (517) 999-7745


Matt joined The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in January of 2007 and currently serves as a senior conservation scientist and aquatic ecologist. As the Great Lakes Sustainable Fisheries lead for Michigan, he leads a strategy and several projects to restore ciscoes and whitefish in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to benefit Great Lakes food webs and fisheries. These projects are in collaboration with state and tribal partners, who manage Great Lakes fisheries, as well as other TNC Great Lakes business units, federal agencies and university partners. Matt has also worked to prioritize Great Lakes tributaries for river-spawning migratory fish conservation, to develop tools to identify where and which agricultural conservation practices will provide the best ecological benefits, and to develop restoration strategies for Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

Before joining TNC’s Michigan chapter, Matt spent more than three years at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Prior to moving to Michigan, he worked in Illinois as an aquatic ecologist with TNC’s Illinois chapter for four years. He has a B.S. from Iowa State University and an M.S. from Texas A&M University. Matt lives in Shepherd with his wife, Tracy (also an aquatic ecologist), and children, Megan and Leo. He enjoys spending time with family enjoying the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, fishing, gardening and reading.

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