The dome of a building framed by tree branches.
Michigan State Capitol Dome TNC is working with state leaders to find meaningful solutions to issues impacting Michigan's lands and waters. © Michael D-L Jordan/dlp

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Policy Priorities

TNC is working with state leaders to find meaningful solutions to issues impacting Michigan's lands and waters.

In a changing world, the concerns of nature are inseparable from the concerns of people. Growing threats to biodiversity, water quality and food supplies, a changing climate and other challenges make it increasingly clear that healthy natural systems are vital to our future, and the future of Michigan.

Our Approach

We are committed to finding solutions and working with our many partners to ensure that our lands and waters remain healthy and continue to provide for people and nature in a changing world. 

The topics listed below showcase our goals for Michigan. To learn more about how we plan to achieve them, view our policy priorities

Safeguard Lands and Waters

Here in Michigan, we live at the heart of one of the world’s greatest freshwater regions. The thoughtful stewardship of lands and waters ensures they can continue to support an abundance of wildlife and provide vital services to people, from nature-based economies, to clean water, to the food systems we depend on. 

A church in the background. In the foreground is a retrofitted parking lot filled with plants.
Investing in Infrastructure TNC has joined a coalition of 40+ organizations to call for over $4 billion of Michigan’s American Rescue Plan funds as well as general funds be invested in infrastructure. © Jason Whalen/Fauna Creative
A river runs through a field of agriculture.
Climate Change TNC is a member of the national Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance, which represents agriculture, forestry and environmental groups in a collaboration on climate action. © Jason Whalen/Fauna Creative

Advance a Low-Carbon Future

Nature is our ally in managing the impacts of a changing climate and abating the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. Conservation, restoration and improved land management increase carbon storage and build environmental resiliency to the effects of a changing climate.
A person walks through an autumn forest.
Sustainable Forestry In 2022, TNC is launching the Family Forest Carbon Program for Michigan forest owners, in partnership with the American Forest Federation. © Dietrich Ludwig
A person holds the stem of a small tree.
Resilient Forests At TNC’s working forest reserves we demonstrate how Michigan’s forests can be managed for increased health and resilience. © Drew Kelly

2022 Policy Priorities

Read how science and research are driving our policy priorities.

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