A small inlet opens out onto a lake. Sun is setting. Icicles come from the top of the inlet. Ice and water along the bottom.
Lake Michigan inlet A small inlet within an ice shelf along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. © Stephen Carmickle/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Preserving Nature in Michigan

For decades, TNC in Michigan has worked with the people of this Great Lakes state to protect the rivers, lakes and lands that are its natural heritage. We continue to pursue strategies that will help ensure the vitality of Michigan’s people, places and wildlife for generations to come.

Boulders dot the shoreline of a lake.
Lake Huron shoreline. Carl A. Gerstacker Nature Preserve at Dudley Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. © Ron Leonetti

Places We Protect

From shifting sand dunes to granite bald mountains, explore our preserves and reserves spread across the state of Michigan. These TNC-owned lands have been protected for people and nature in perpetuity.

Explore Our Preserves
A rock formation on a calm shore.
Rolling dunes and grass along a lake shore.
Sled dogs and their driver rush through the snow past a Nature Conservancy sign.
A summit overlooking rolling forests and a lake.
The clouds reflected in a river. The water is surrounded by green grass on either side.