A woman paddles a kayak
Kayaking among the mangroves. Restoring mangroves, like those pictured here, in Biscayne National Park, can help protect coastal communities in South Florida. © Nick Hall

Companies Investing in Nature


Urban Sustainability Leadership

Carrier, a global provider of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire and security solutions, is supporting three years of conservation work aimed at helping cities become more resilient and sustainable.

Our world is urbanizing at a faster rate than ever before, with more than two-thirds of the global population projected to live in cities by 2050.  This migration will present unique challenges as cities become more densely populated, straining natural resources and existing infrastructure. At the same, climate change brings realities such as more intense storms and flooding, urban heat, sea level rise and water shortages for cities to mitigate across the globe.

The Nature Conservancy and Carrier see an opportunity for cities to leverage an innovative combination of man-made and natural infrastructure to become more resilient to a changing climate while balancing the needs of their growing populations.

Carrier’s $3 million contribution will support work aimed at amplifying natural solutions to urban challenges, including:

  • Restoring coastal habitats in Florida, also home of Carrier’s global headquarters, to help protect the region from storm surge and sea level rise.
  • Planting 1,000 new trees per hectare to support water security in the San Juan River watershed that provides drinking water for the city of Monterrey, Mexico, and creating a video curriculum aimed at young people, to explain how forest restoration efforts, like the Monterrey water fund, protect water.
  • Bringing nature’s benefits to tens of millions in Shanghai, China, with support for the Qiandao Lake Water Fund, which protects drinking water quality for the city, as well as support for a habitat gardens initiative, which provides access to nature for city dwellers.
  • Helping students learn about the natural world with support for Nature Lab, an online curriculum program for teachers or families, with virtual field trip videos and activities designed by educators for students K-12.