A person paddles down a river in a kayak
Kayaking the Verde Kayaking the Verde River near Camp Verde, Arizona. Flow has increased in this 20-mile stretch due to TNC partnerships with irrigators. © Tana Kappel/TNC

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Protecting and Replenishing Freshwater Sources

Access to freshwater is central to stable ecosystems and communities. Although water is a finite and scarce resource, it is often mismanaged. With climate change increasing the frequency of extreme weather and periods of drought, it has never been more important that freshwater is managed sustainably for people and nature.

To help ensure that all have access to water where and when they need it, TNC and PepsiCo are partnering in at-risk watersheds around the world to conserve and protect freshwater. Together, we are working directly with farmers, landowners, businesses, and communities to implement sustainable water management practices and water-saving projects that fit the regions’ needs. By implementing place-based solutions with those who know the ecosystems best, we are increasing the chances of long-term success and more water for all. Our work together touches down across:

  • The United States. Across the Colorado River Basin, Pepsi has supported farmers’ efforts to reduce their water consumption by providing funding for more efficient irrigation systems, crop conversions to lower water use crops like barley, and partial fallowing of fields. In Colorado, Pepsi has supported TNC’s efforts to sustainably manage forests to prevent wildfire risk and protect Denver’s water supply. In Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah, Pepsi has helped protect lands that are critical to watershed and aquifer health.
  • Latin America. In Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Mexico, Pepsi supports activities that contribute to water conservation, such as forest restoration and protection, reforestation, paramo restoration and protection, silvopasture, soil conservation, reduction of non-native species, prevention of cattle intrusions, and construction of firebreaks. Much of this work targets degraded areas, involves the use of plant species that are native to the region, and provides volunteer opportunities to raise awareness about the work. In addition to supporting these on-the-ground efforts, Pepsi is a part of the Green Blue Water Coalition.
  • South Africa. Pepsi is supporting the Greater Cape Town Water Fund. Launched in 2018, this Fund is helping restore natural ecosystems by employing teams of local women to remove non-native plants that are taking excessive amounts of moisture from the ground and preventing water from reaching an aquifer that is critical to the city’s water supply. In addition to helping prevent “Day Zero” in Cape Town, this Water Fund provides employment and economic opportunities for women in South Africa.

In addition to supporting these water conservation efforts, Pepsi is a member of the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative, a group of companies and NGOs dedicated to removing barriers to the adoption of good farming practices that can benefit the environment.