Leaders and Elders of Xikrin People Pot-Kro Village
Xikrin people Xikrin people in Pot-Kro Village near Rio Bacaja. The leaders and the elders from all the Xikrin Villages met with the Conservancy for 3 days in the Xikrin Village. © Kevin Arnold

Companies Investing in Nature

Alcoa Foundation

Supporting TNC’s Work in Australia, Brazil, and Canada

Recent research indicates that when indigenous and local communities are empowered to participate in land-management decisions while achieving economic growth through sustainable natural resource management, forests are protected. Protecting these carbon-rich and undeveloped lands plays a crucial role in stewarding the world's natural carbon stores and curbing climate change.

The Nature Conservancy has developed a proven framework to help address climate change while achieving lasting environmental and human services benefits by working with indigenous people and local communities to strengthen their role in land management and decision-making. Our approach is based on supporting communities to develop land-use plans that are rooted in local knowledge, local needs and a local vision of the future.

With support from Legacy Alcoa Foundation, the Conservancy is working in Australia, Brazil and Canada to strengthen the role of indigenous and local communities in managing lands to help mitigate global climate change. Alcoa Foundation's support will contribute toward meaningful and lasting impact on the ground as our approach in these geographies is based on the specific needs and opportunities of each region. Altogether, these projects have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 13.5 million tons.

Conservation highlights include: 

  • In Australia, the Conservancy is partnering with 25 indigenous communities to scale a proven framework for fire-management projects that reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and provide employment for indigenous Australians;
  • In Brazil, the Conservancy is working with indigenous people across 129 communities to increase their capacity to manage natural resources across 8.8 million acres;
  • In Canada, the Conservancy is partnering with three First Nation communities to create a sustainable future for Clayoquot Sound by establishing new conservation areas across 250,000 acres of old-growth coastal temperate forests that store more carbon per acre than most other forest types.

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Find more information on how The Nature Conservancy is partnering with indigenous peoples and local communities on shared conservation goals.

A history of support:
For nearly two decades, Legacy Alcoa Foundation has provided steadfast support for various Conservancy programs, both locally and globally. For example, through our Plant a Billion Trees Campaign, Alcoa Foundation contributed to planting 900,000 trees in Brazil’s threatened Atlantic Rainforest. The Foundation also helped restore and replenish the Alto Tiete watershed to help provide 3 million people with clean drinking water. Additionally, Alcoa Foundation has supported local conservation projects in Indiana to help restore critical watersheds and acquire floodplain habitat to improve the health of the Wabash River.