Here, Kitty Kitty

Building Bobcat Alley

Bobcats are New Jersey's last remaining wild cats. Once nearly extinct in our state, they are still endangered here. But they are trying to make a comeback, and to survive they need land to roam. The Nature Conservancy is working to protect critical habitat for these beautiful cats in New Jersey. We call it "Bobcat Alley," and it's a place where they can thrive.

Imagine if every time you needed groceries or wanted to visit a friend, you had to cross—at night and on foot—a six-lane highway of speeding tractor-trailers with a concrete barrier down its center. That harrowing and potentially deadly experience would not be far from what bobcats contend with regularly just to survive in New Jersey.

New Jersey's last remaining wild felines are endangered here, primarily because of habitat loss and fragmentation. While once widespread throughout the state, today New Jersey's core bobcat population relies on critical habitat in Warren and Sussex counties.

The Nature Conservancy is working to create an uninterrupted wildlife corridor from the Highlands to the Kittatinny Ridge in North Jersey, to give bobcats (Lynx rufus) and other animals dedicated room to roam.

The Nature Conservancy’s Blair Creek Preserve and Johnsonburg Swamp Preserve together represent more than 1,300 acres of the natural corridor, which once complete will link to the Delaware Water Gap and nearly 400,000 acres of additional protected habitat in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Bobcat Tracks: This map shows one year of locator data for two bobcats, one male and one female. The red roadways see over 10,000 vehicles a day. As you can see, roadways act as barriers to bobcat movement and are hindering the recovery of the species.

“Bobcat Alley” will be a place where bobcats can interact, hunt and raise young. A place where they can move around without crossing a busy roadway. A place where they can thrive.

The good news is that there is a solid base of protected lands here already, and the land that isn’t conserved yet is of high quality. By working with local landowners, we can protect and connect these two vast areas of preserved forests to give bobcat the room they need to roam.

We have an incredible opportunity to make a lasting difference for these animals right here and right now. Please support our efforts to protect habitat in New Jersey, to give bobcats and other wildlife a fighting chance.


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