The Mississippi River starts as a small stream flowing from the north end of Lake Itasca, at Itasca State Park (Minnesota's oldest state park). © Mark Godfrey/TNC

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Our Partnership With Tom's of Maine

Restoring and Protecting our Water

America's waterways stretch for millions of miles, providing drinking water, irrigation, electricity, food, transport and recreation for people and critical habitat and nutrients for wildlife.

These water supplies, however, are quickly being depleted, threatening the people and nature that depend on them for support. Fortunately, there are countless ways we can inspire change and protect our nation's water resources together. We are teaming up with partners like Tom’s of Maine to help restore and revitalize waterways in need.

Tom's of Maine, the leading maker of natural personal care products, has committed more than $1.5 million to help TNC protect and restore natural water.

Quote: Rob Robinson

We want to be a part of the solution and help show our kids that together we can have an impact at home, at work and as a community."

Brand and Goodness Leader at Tom's of Maine
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The Nature Conservancy began work to remove the Old Papermill Dam in early 2019, allowing the East Aspetuck River in Connecticut to flow freely once again. With support from companies like Tom’s of Maine, the removal of the Old Papermill Dam is a larger effort to remove old dams and restore river ecosystems and fish habitats. 

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TOM’S OF MAINE DONATES a portion of its profits to conserve nature for future generations. In fact, the company has been giving 10% of its profits for decades.