Yampa River A mix of fall flora and Cottonwoods in the wetlands of the Yampa River basin on The Nature Conservancy's Carpenter Ranch, west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. © Mark Godfrey/TNC

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Supporting public lands so everyone has the opportunity to experience the outdoors.

Smartwool recently announced a new partnership with The Nature Conservancy’s CO Chapter. Smartwool launched the partnership with a $20,000 donation and an outdoor recreation industry Party with a Purpose fundraiser this past July. The partnership represents Smartwool’s support of organizations that align with its core values and help to build engaged communities that fight to protect access to public lands and sustain and preserve healthy rivers and open spaces. The partnership will also showcase two pillars of the brand’s give-back efforts: sustaining and preserving the environment and helping to build a diverse, inclusive community through opportunities to experience the joy of the outdoors.

Smartwool 2018 Socktober Promotion
Smartwool 2018 Socktober Promotion Smartwool donated $1 per pair ofsocks purchased on smartwool.com during October 2018, to The Nature Conservancy.

“We believe in doing everything we can to sustain and preserve our public lands so that everyone has the opportunity to experience a life lived outdoors. This partnership delivers on that goal," said Jen McLaren, president of Smartwool.

The partnership will focus its efforts on the Yampa River that flows through Steamboat Springs, CO, Smartwool’s hometown.  Partnership dollars will go into the Yampa River Water Fund to ensure that the free-flowing Yampa River has enough water during the dry, hot summer to support healthy fish, wildlife and recreation. The Smartwool team will also host volunteer and community clean-up days on the Yampa and the historic Carpenter Ranch, an iconic TNC preserve just 20 miles from the Smartwool global headquarters.

“We work to protect and restore the places we love to live, work and play in Colorado and around the world,” said Carlos Fernandez, The Nature Conservancy in Colorado’s State Director. “Who we are and how we work is what makes us successful. Our partnership with Smartwool will help us continue to transform business practices, invest in nature, raise awareness and champion smart environmental policy.”

Smartwool continued its support for TNC through its “Socktober” promotion, which ran the entire month of October 2018. For every pair of socks purchased on smartwool.com, $1 per pair supported TNC in Colorado.

Quote: Jen McLaren

The Nature Conservancy’s mission to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends fits perfectly with the Smartwool mission”

President of Smartwool