Sunset over the Wax Lake Delta and Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana.
Wax Lake Delta Sunset over the Wax Lake Delta and Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana. © Carlton Ward Jr.

Cause Marketing

Delta Air Lines

Working with The Nature Conservancy to help offset carbon emissions and inspire a new generation of conservation leaders.

In 2007, Delta became the first U.S. airline to launch a carbon offset program. Today, the airline continues to work with The Nature Conservancy to offer passengers the opportunity to voluntarily offset the carbon emissions they incur on each flight through an online calculator.

The Tensas River Basin Project in the Lower Mississippi River Valley, funded in part by a $1 million donation by Delta Air Lines, was the first project in the program and has allowed the reforestation of 406.3 acres, which over time will sequester a net of 83,705 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Thanks to outstanding support by Delta and its passengers, the Tensas River Basin Project was successfully retired from the Voluntary Carbon Offset Program.

To offer additional opportunities for Delta passengers to participate in carbon offset projects, The Nature Conservancy’s Rio Bravo Climate Action Project in Belize was added to the program in 2012, followed by the Clinch Valley Conservation Forestry Program in 2013, and the Valdivian Coastal Reserve in Chile in 2014.

In addition to furthering conservation in Georgia, Delta demonstrates a long-term commitment to the future of conservation by supporting The Nature Conservancy’s LEAF Program in Georgia, which helps to engage youth from urban communities in conservation activities. Delta also works to achieve sustainable, positive outcomes for people and nature through its support for conservation work training programs as well as its generous sponsorship of Georgia’s annual Earth Day Celebration.

Together with The Nature Conservancy, Delta is helping to protect and restore natural landscapes, habitats and resources for all those who depend on them.