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American Express Splash Volunteers working to plant trees. © Photo credit: Aaron Coury

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American Express Helps Boost Volunteer Engagement with The Nature Conservancy

In order to address the immense conservation challenges faced by our planet, we need to continue expanding The Nature Conservancy’s network of volunteers who share our sense of urgency to protect the world we depend on. American Express understands the importance of effective volunteer engagement. With the help of valued funding from American Express and volunteer participation by American Express employees, we aim to engage a network of volunteers who share our sense of urgency to protect the one and only Earth we have.

To learn more about the Conservancy’s engagement programs that are supported by American Express, please see our links below:

Connect With Nature
Our volunteers work on diverse projects that meet the local needs of their communities – work that ranges from building community gardens in city neighborhoods, to planting trees and clearing invasive species, to creating oyster reefs to protect coastal communities. We’re partnering with American Express to develop the resources, connections, and infrastructure needed to expand our volunteer opportunities. Learn more at

Plant a Billion Trees
We know that tree planting and reforestation make significant contributions to the global environment by improving wildlife habitats and cities, fostering clean and abundant waters, and mitigating carbon emissions that cause climate change. Since 2017, American Express has provided critically needed support to our Plant a Billion Trees program through engaging employees around the importance of tree planting. Learn more at

Together, we can pursue a more sustainable and healthier future. Help us! Sign our Pledge: I Will Connect With Nature.