WI hunting map 2015 - 1143x914

Nature Conservancy Hunting Opportunities in Wisconsin

The map above shows the locations of Nature Conservancy preserves and project areas in Wisconsin where we provide hunting opportunities. Click on the preserve names below to learn which species can be hunted and whether or not a permit is required and to find preserve descriptions and hunting maps*. Below the preserve list are links to other important information about the Conservancy’s hunting program.

Baraboo Hills
Central Sands
Chiwaukee Prairie
Door Peninsula
Lower Chippewa SNA
Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area
Mukwonago River Watershed
Northern Wisconsin
Spring Green Prairie

* All of our preserve maps are now georeferenced. You can download an app on your Apple or Android device that it will allow you to view your location, record GPS tracks, add placemarks and find places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most common questions about the Conservancy’s hunting program in Wisconsin.

Hunting Guidelines

All hunters must adhere to the following hunting guidelines when hunting on Nature Conservancy preserves.

Deer Permit Application Process

Follow this link for more information about the application process and to download a permit.

Hunting Opportunities at Nature Conservancy Preserves
Learn what’s new this year, find links to hunting map and other hunting program pages, and get information about volunteer opportunities and Nature Conservancy preserves.

Hunting and Conservation in Wisconsin
The Conservancy has provided hunting opportunities on its lands in Wisconsin since 1985. See how hunting helps land conservation and how land conservation helps wildlife and hunters.