Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund

Snapshot of Projects

Through the end of 2012, the Corps has authorized over $42 million for the Conservancy to pursue 121 mitigation projects. These projects attempt to achieve the overall programmatic goal of water quality improvement through the creation, restoration, and enhancement of wetlands and streams and through the restoration and enhancement of the surrounding upland buffers. The Trust Fund also achieves the preservation of highly functional wetlands, stream and buffer areas which add to water quality protection and improvement. 

In 2013 we completed one of the largest urban stream restoration projects in Virginia to date along Charlottesville's Meadow Creek.  This nearly year long project restored 9,000 linear feet of Meadow Creek and preserved 12 acres of wetlands, over 1.5 miles of the Rivanna Trail, and a total of 72 acres of land.  Learn more about restoration along Meadow Creek >>

The Trust Fund received funding approvals for the following mitigation activities. Details of these projects are included in the annual report.

  • Non-tidal wetlands – 485 acres of restoration, over 4,000 acres of preservation
  • Tidal wetlands – 28 acres of restoration, over 500 acres of preservation, Phragmites eradication, oyster reef restoration, submerged aquatic vegetation restoration
  • Stream channel restoration and enhancement activities along 49,355 linear feet (lf)
  • Riparian buffer planting along 15,680 lf
  • Livestock exclusion along 23,799 lf
  • Stream and riparian buffer preservation along 669,727 lf
  • Upland and riparian buffer preservation of 5,900 acres
  • Protection of over 10,000 additional acres – not considered as mitigation
  • Establishment or additions to six state Natural Area Preserves and three state Wildlife Management Areas
  • Restored streams within three city or county parks
Highlighted Projects

Chowan River - Northwest River Stephens wetland restoration
Shenandoah River - Ogden's Cave stream enhancement
Potomac River - Bluewildlife stream and wetland restoration 

Request for Proposal

Vegetation Management for Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund Sites
Roanoke River Basin Wetland Mitigation
New River Basin Stream and Wetland Mitigation
Big Sandy River Basin Stream Mitigation

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