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New Jersey

A least tern with a chick on the beach.
Least tern shelters chick Adult least terns have a unique defense mechanism. When they feel threatened, they will dive bomb & often defecate on intruders. © Shutterstock: Harry Collins

Make a Difference in New Jersey

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends, and for more than 60 years, we’ve been working in New Jersey to do just that.

Our Preserves in New Jersey

In addition to providing much-needed habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, our nature preserves in New Jersey are top-rated visitor destinations. Whether you're looking to explore pristine forests, go birding alongside freshwater marshes or conquer a mountain, our preserves have you covered.

Explore Our Preserves
Views of New York City from a mountain summit.
Adult bobcat on a rock.
Aerial view of the Maurice River and its surrounding wetlands.
Wildflowers growing in a field.