It's in Our Nature

A river runs through a brightly colored forest of trees.
Wilderness Lakes Reserve Wilderness Lakes Reserve © Robert Anthony

Our future is safe with you.

Just as TNC strives to ensure a better future for people and nature, it is people like you who enable our success and provide the foundation and inspiration that has launched us into the “decade of delivery.” This is the decade in which TNC’s 2030 goals must become a reality in Michigan and around the world.

The Science Behind Success

The secret formula behind TNC's success is you. When our supporters give to TNC, it is a valued sign of your confidence in our work. Thanks to the faith that all of our donors put in TNC, we are empowered to address the most urgent crises facing nature in Michigan and ensure its health and vitality for generations to come.

Over nearly 40 years in Michigan, TNC has protected more than 389,000 acres of lands, hundreds of inland lakes and many miles of rivers; transformed how Michigan’s lands and waters are used; and inspired the change needed to safeguard our home’s natural abundance.

Donor Impact

From establishing a preserve to honoring a loved one, each one of our donors has a story to share. Learn what inspired these individuals to give in support of Michigan's people and nature.

Explore their stories
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Person smiles as they look away from the camera.
Two people smile at the camera.
Two people stand and smile at the camera
Two people sit alongside a rocky shoreline.
A path through the woods. Light shines on the trail.
Two Hearted River Forest Two Hearted River Forest Reserve in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. © Richard Baumer

Explore Your Impact

We're taking on the tough issues facing conservation today—from water quality to species loss—to achieve a sustainable future for people and nature. Explore all the ways your funds impact our work in Michigan.

I believe in the work of TNC. I believe that TNC brings effective strategies and vision to the work of conservation. There is no greater gift to our country, our state and civilization than nature unspoiled.

TNC Donor
Grassy shoreline along a lake surrounded by trees.
Carl A. Gerstacker Grassy shoreline along Big Trout Lake at TNC’s Carl A. Gerstacker Nature Preserve. © Chris Cantway/TNC