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Working Woodlands is a forest conservation program that uses certified forest management and the growing voluntary carbon market to fund protection and improved management of private forests.

Building on our extensive land conservation and forest management experience, The Nature Conservancy works with carbon market developers who find buyers for the tons of carbon sequestered by well-managed forests. This funding, in turn, is used to pay for better management practices by cooperating forestland owners, including a full forest inventory, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, management plan implementation, and carbon monitoring and verification.

Landowners who qualify for the Working Woodlands program sign their acres into conservation easements or long-term management agreements to prevent them from being converted to non-forest uses and unsustainable management practices. Sustainable timbering activities are allowed. All forest products produced from enrolled Working Woodlands properties are FSC-certified, and the landowner retains the revenue from timber sales. The carbon sequestered as a result of improved forest management practices is verified and offsets based on this are sold on the carbon market, providing additional revenue to the landowner.

This approach allows landowners to manage their woodland acres sustainably, with FSC certification credit and with no upfront costs, while receiving long-term value from FSC-certified product and carbon sales. The net result is better-managed forestlands, more carbon sequestered, and greater incentive for landowners to protect their lands long-term.


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