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The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania

A vista view featuring rolling green hills and a bright blue sky with white clouds. A river gently flows to the right of the hills.
Susquehanna River A view of the Susquehanna River from North Bend, Pennsylvania. © Nicholas Tonelli

2024 Controlled Burn Season

Controlled burning season is underway in Pennsylvania through May 31st. Controlled burning encourages the growth of native vegetation, increases biodiversity and minimizes the spread of invasive species, and recycles nutrients back into the soil. Learn more about the benefits of fire. Learn more about how the use of fire benefits nature.

Preserving Nature in Pennsylvania

For decades, TNC has worked within Pennsylvania to protect the rivers, forests, farms, and iconic nature in the Commonwealth. We continue to pursue strategies that will help ensure the vitality of Pennsylvania's people, places and wildlife for generations to come.

A river flowing surrounded by lush greenery.
Muncy Creek Muncy Creek in Lycoming Co is a part of the Susquehanna River drainage basin and flows into the Chesapeake Bay. © Nicholas Tonelli