About Our Work

The Nature Conservancy in Maine

For 60 years, The Nature Conservancy in Maine has been conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.

In Maine, there is a unique combination of extensive forests, clean waters, and globally-important marine ecosystems, all interconnected to form a remarkable and complex natural system. People are members of the natural community as well, though with an outsized ability to influence change. We have the power to block rivers, to level mountains, even to change the climate. But we also have the power to reconnect rivers, restore degraded forests and push back on climate change. 

The Nature Conservancy in Maine works with people, and for people, to ensure healthy forests, clean free-flowing rivers, abundant oceans, and solutions to climate change. 

We work to maintain healthy forests across the state through a network of reserves connected to sustainably-harvested timberlands. We remove barriers for fish and wildlife passage in rivers and streams while improving the ability of road-stream crossings to withstand flooding. We partner with fishermen to test and implement techniques aimed at reversing the decline of habitats and species in the Gulf of Maine. We engage with communities to develop energy efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. 

In Maine, we depend on nature for our economic well-being and our cultural nourishment. The natural world has shaped our communities and now we look to nature to solve the complex challenges of today’s world. 

The Nature Conservancy employs a proven scientific approach, a skilled staff of conservation specialists, a pool of impressive partner organizations, and the support of committed members to care for Maine’s entire natural system—focusing the power of people to make positive changes for nature.

Please join us in our work to protect nature and preserve life in Maine and beyond.