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Curbing Carbon Through Policy and Practice

Realizing effective and lasting solutions to climate change and its effects requires policies based on sound science.

A view of the Maine statehouse from a surrounding hill.
Policy Levers TNC is working toward climate change policy that will serve as a model for the nation and the world. © Phoebe Parker

Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases we send into the atmosphere is up to us. Maine has the highest carbon emissions and spends the most on energy per capita in New England. That’s why TNC partners with policymakers and leaders to shape bold, innovative approaches that reduce emissions in Maine—and beyond. Collaborating to build public support for these initiatives helps ensure their continued success.

Our priorities include advancing clean energy, incentivizing energy-efficient practices, and setting ambitious emissions-reduction targets. TNC’s work to help establish and lead the Maine Climate Council has positioned us at the forefront of the climate change policy that is making Maine a model for our nation and the world.

Curbing Carbon in Maine

TNC played a significant role in developing Maine's statewide Climate Action Plan. We built bipartisan support for legislation that called for the Climate Council and helped shape the plan throughout its development. The final product is a comprehensive playbook to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon storage and ensure an equitable transition to a low-carbon future.

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What Policy Success Looks Like

Our priorities include advancing clean energy, incentivizing energy-efficient practices and setting ambitious emissions-reduction targets. As part of our Join Maine campaign, we are working to ensure these critical successes by 2024:

  • Blue icon of solar panel.

    On Track for 80%

    of Maine's electricity supply to be provided by renewable sources by 2030

  • Blue icon of electric car.

    On Track for an 80%

    reduction in Maine's greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050

Pink clouds light an evening nearshore ocean scene.
Clearing the Air TNC Maine is working to curb emissions and sequester carbon. © Jennifer Molnar/TNC