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Maine Innovation Benefits the World

When it comes to climate change work, Maine has plenty of insight to offer and lessons to learn. Our local efforts contribute to global solutions.

Three people with nets collect fish in a river.
© Roshni Lodhia

Recently, TNC in Maine has been applying the expertise we built working to restore the Penobscot River to river conservation in Africa and Europe. When the European Union committed to restoring 25,000 river kilometers by 2030, our involvement was credited with helping shape that remarkable goal—a prime example of how Maine innovation can benefit the world.

We are applying what we’ve learned from TNC collaborations with Indigenous Peoples around the world to our local partnerships with the Wabanaki, and the knowledge acquired creating water funds in South America now guides our work to protect the Sebago Lake watershed. Through TNC’s global network, international insights are informing our work here at home.

How We’re Supporting TNC's Work Around the World

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What Maine's Global Success Looks Like

Maine is an exceptional place to plan and prepare for climate change, and our local efforts are vitally connected to the search for global solutions. As part of our Join Maine campaign, we are working to ensure these critical successes by 2024:

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    Increase from 3% to 8%

    the Maine staff time dedicated to supporting projects beyond New England.

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    At Least $7 million

    in funding is secured and committed for global priorities.

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Join Maine The Nature Conservancy in Maine © TNC

To achieve these goals, we are working to raise $7 million specifically for our work in this area, including $6.5 million in support from people like you and $500 thousand in market-based funds. Learn more about our conservation goals and Join Maine.

Trees grow in front of emerald green rivers and waterfalls.
Waterfalls of the Balkans Maine staff are contributing to river restoration efforts across Europe. © Ken Geiger/TNC