Fresh produce for sale on the Hedlin Farm.
Hedlin Farm Produce Fresh produce for sale on the Hedlin Farm. © Bridget Besaw

Food & Water Stories

North America Agriculture

Reaping Conservation while Feeding the World.

The Conservancy is working with farmers, ranchers and other partners to meet the growing demand for food, while protecting lands and waters for people and nature.

Farmers and ranchers are vital to our way of life. They grow our food and produce fuel, fiber, building materials and even ingredients for medicines like insulin. They are the original stewards of our lands and are among our greatest conservation allies.

The Nature Conservancy is working with partners to promote healthy agriculture practices with two science-driven strategies: Sustainable Grazing and Nutrient Reduction.

Using a collaborative, science-based approach, we are helping farmers and ranchers feed a growing population while ensuring clean and abundant water supplies, healthy lands, and a stable climate.