The Legacy Club

Restoring Longleaf in Pine Country

Virtual Field Trip at 2pm Eastern on June 11th

a man walks across a landscape with longleaf pines in the background
Seed nursery TNC’s David Printiss in the seed nursery tract being used to supply seeds for the replanting of longleaf pine at the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve, Florida. © Andrew Kornylak

Longleaf pine once blanketed more than 90 million acres across the southeastern U.S. coastal plains. Today, there are just over 5 million acres, or 5.5% of its original acreage. We hope you'll join us as we step virtually into this fire-dependent forest to see how TNC is protecting what’s left and reclaiming what’s been lost. 

a longleaf pine seedling
Longleaf Pine Habitat This habitat once dominated an extensive geographic area in the southeast United States. Its protection is imperative to protect the biodiversity it supports. © Ralph Pace

Learn More About Longleaf

Can't wait for the virtual adventure to begin? Check out some videos and articles to discover more about this majestic landscape and efforts to protect and restore it.

How Fire Can Restore a Forest: A Time Lapse Video This 30-second video collapses nearly two months of stunning regrowth of the longleaf pine habitat at Georgia's Moody Forest Preserve after a controlled burn. Prescribed fires help control megafires and improve forest health.
Igniting Inspiration for Women in Fire Involving more diverse perspectives will improve and expand the use of fire for managing lands. Thanks to programs like Women-in-Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (WTREX), more women are participating in and leading controlled burns.