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Destination Nature

A podcast series from The Nature Conservancy that brings conservation stories to your ears.

Destination Nature is a three-episode pilot podcast series by The Nature Conservancy. Follow the story links below and hear directly from our scientists, program managers, and partners about why the work you help us achieve is so important for nature.



Episode One: Restoring the Reef

Dive below the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea with Conservancy scientist Joe Pollock to learn more about a coral restoration. Then hear from Rita Sellares of partner organization Fundemar on what it takes to pull off Coral Mania, an intensive three-day coral transplantation project.

a man and woman in diving gear float in the water
a large shipwreck surrounded by fish
a diver working on a dying coral reef
a diver surrounded by fish
a diver places healthy coral fragments on the reef

Episode Two: A Path for Mountain Lions

Follow along on a journey from the top of the Santa Ana Mountains to the sprawling urbanized valley below. Hear from a research veterinarian, ecologist and urban planner on creating a path for the future of California’s mountain lions.

a mountain lion surrounded by grass and rocks
a highway cutting between two mountains
a mountain lion cub on camera
a pond surrounded by rocks and moss
a mountain lion walking through rocks and grass

Episode Three: Soaking Up Stormwater

Stormwater is becoming a crisis in cities, threatening the health of the people who live there and the ecosystems that surround them. Hear from urban conservationists and community partners about the challenges of stormwater and the natural solutions that bring hope.

a flooded parking lot
a man stands in front of a neighborhood garden
a man holds a picture of a flooded street
a culvert sitting under a bridge is surrounded by plant
a sign in a park about stormwater

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