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Walking Box Ranch


A closeup of a desert tortoise head, legs, and shell with small vegetation in the foreground.
Desert tortoise Walking Box Ranch in Nevada is prime habitat for the threatened desert tortoise. © Dtehshuh Images

Walking Box Ranch contains some of southern Nevada’s most outstanding desert tortoise habitat.



Located in the Piute Valley in the eastern Mojave, Walking Box Ranch is bounded by the Newberry Mountains to the east and the jagged peaks of the New York Mountains to the west. This area provides crucial habitat for the desert tortoise.

Why TNC Selected This Site

The Walking Box Ranch and adjacent areas contain southern Nevada’s most outstanding desert tortoise habitat.

What TNC Has Done

The Walking Box Ranch, acquired in June 1994, is the climax of a four-year effort by The Nature Conservancy to protect the desert tortoise. This, along with two other acquisitions, brings the total acres preserved by the Nature Conservancy in the Piute Valley to 439,000. The acquisition enables the implementation of Clark County’s Desert Tortoise Conservation plan.

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