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Neil Midlane

Conservation Tourism Director, Impact Management, NatureVest

Cape Town, South Africa

Conservation Tourism Director

Neil Midlane Neil Midlane © Paul Ruffolo

Areas of Expertise

Large carnivore conservation, transboundary conservation, finance

Media Contact

Andrew Tingley
ph. +1 917-270-1313


Dr. Neil Midlane is the Conservation Tourism Director for NatureVest's Impact Management team, working to assist conservation tourism operators in Africa impacted by the COVID pandemic. Neil's work aims to revive and grow the contributions of the tourism industry to biodiversity conservation and community empowerment in some of Africa’s most important wild landscapes.

Neil is part of the NatureVest Impact Management team. The team is working towards the following key objectives:

  • Establishing minimum standards for investments to avoid negative environmental impacts
  • Identifying opportunities for investments to deliver impact alongside returns
  • Advising on best practices for land and water management
  • Measuring climate and biodiversity outcomes
  • Neil brings expertise across the spheres of conservation, tourism, and finance. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, an accomplished safari guide, he has worked in the banking industry, and he founded and ran the Kafue Lion Project in Zambia’s Kafue National Park. His work in Kafue earned him a PhD in Zoology through the University of Cape Town, his thesis produced the first scientific estimate of lion numbers in this critical landscape and identified the key threats to the population. Neil’s findings also helped to establish a fund to combat poaching in key areas of Kafue.

    More recently, Neil held management roles in the conservation and impact space at Singita and Wilderness Safaris, two leading African conservation tourism companies.

    Neil is a member of the African Lion Working Group, the Mozambique Carnivore Working Group, the KAZA Elephant Working Group, the KAZA Carnivore Working Group and the Transfrontier Specialist Group.

    Neil is an avid trail runner and surf ski paddler and spends much of his free time exploring the mountains and oceans in and around Cape Town

    Education and Designations:

  • PhD in Zoology, University of Cape Town
  • MPhil in Environmental Management, University of Stellenbosch
  • Chartered Accountant (South Africa)
  • Honours B. Accounting, University of Stellenbosch
  • Articles/Publications:

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