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Changing the Way We Value Nature

A baby African elephant staying close to its parent.
Baby Elephant A baby elephant nurses in Amboseli National Park, Rift Valley Province, Kenya. © Anand Mishra/The Nature Conservancy

NatureVest is TNC’s Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance team

Human well-being and all forms of economic and financial stability depend on natural capital, which can be measured and valued. Together with our TNC colleagues and external partners, we source, structure, fund, and close innovative investment deals that aim to generate environmental, social, and financial returns. All NatureVest deals support TNC’s 2030 goals of addressing the biodiversity and climate crisis.

Private Investment and Capital Markets Have a Crucial Role To Play in Addressing the Climate and Biodiversity Crises

We are dedicated to developing a pipeline of impactful investments and broader market interventions that can deliver conservation at scale. Successful investing in conservation requires expert advisors, active management, and good governance. With NatureVest and the Impact Finance and Markets Division’s other market-facing teams, TNC has the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve measurable conservation.

Past Participants in Our Projects Have Included:

  • Individuals
  • Foundations
  • Family offices
  • Pension funds
  • Insurers
  • Investment banks
  • Development finance institutions

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