Stories in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

Our Plan for a Healthy and Resilient Future

Protecting Nature and Tackling Climate Change

Closeup of golden grasses swaying in a breeze.
Sea of grass Many native grasses and flowering plants can be found at Davis Ranch, which provide important habitat for pollinators and grassland birds. © Richard Hamilton Smith

Working Across Borders, Aisles & Sectors

Our nonpartisan approach, commitment to science and collaboration with local partners and colleagues around the globe will help us realize a future in which nature and people thrive together.

Our Challenge

Our planet faces the dual crises of rapid climate change and the loss of biological diversity. We have years, not decades, to address these existential threats. And that calls for our biggest most ambitious plans—for nature and people. The Nature Conservancy is committed to helping conserve, protect or restore 30% of the world’s lands and waters and removing or sequestering 3 billion metric tons of carbon by 2030. Our work in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota is aligned with that audacious goal.

Chapter Priorities

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    Protecting Land & Water

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    Tackling Climate Change

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    Providing Food & Water Sustainably

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Our Greatest Strength Is People

Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota make up a diverse, beautiful and threatened region. Together, our staff of experts, dedicated trustees and advisors and everyone who loves this part of the country can meet this moment and ensure nature can inspire and sustain generations to come.

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