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Clean Energy in Pennsylvania

TNC’s science and partnerships help advance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the Commonwealth.

Greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of energy industry infrastructure challenges The Nature Conservancy’s mission around the world, and definitely in Pennsylvania. The approximately 25,000 miles of new natural gas pipelines slated to be built in Pennsylvania by 2030 will fragment forests, degrade streams, and threaten many species that depend on healthy and intact habitat for all or part of their life cycle.

In response, TNC is taking the lead as an authority on the impacts of energy development, and on promoting the benefits of renewable energy alternatives and energy efficiency practices. This includes introducing private industry and government agencies to cutting-edge tools that can reduce the land and water impacts of energy development.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency is good for Pennsylvania. Both generate local jobs and promote economic growth while benefiting nature and public health.

Unfortunately, despite great strides in bringing clean energy to Pennsylvania, there is much to do in order to realize its significant unmet potential. Pennsylvania consumers of all kinds—business owners, homeowners and other institutions—face confusing market conditions and lack access to easy-to-use financing products tailor-made for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The lack of clear information hinders many from benefitting from opportunities that could save them money.

The Nature Conservancy is working in partnership with the Coalition for Green Capital, a global expert on Energy Investment Partnerships and green banks, to offer solutions for reversing these trends. 

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Infographic illustrating benefits of a Green Bank
Green Bank An infographic illustrates the benefits of developing a Green Bank in Pennsylvania. © The Nature Conservancy

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