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Sunrise over the Susquehanna River. The sun is reflected in the still water to the right of a tall, forested mountain ridge. Rocky outcroppings run along the river's shore in the foreground.
Cove Mountain Early morning view of Cove Mountain across the Susquehanna River. © Matt Kane/TNC

Stories in Pennsylvania

PA/DE 2020 Impact Report

A look back at conservation successes and where our work is headed in the coming year.

Despite a year that was anything but normal, we have many accomplishments in Pennsylvania and Delaware to celebrate and share. Explore the video and stories below to learn how we’re tackling some of the toughest challenges facing people and nature today.

2020 Impact Report Learn how we’re tackling some of the toughest challenges facing people and nature today.
Professional headshot PA/DE Executive Director Lori Brennan. A smiling woman rests her chin on right hand. She is wearing a peach blouse with floral design, standing in front of a rustic backdrop.
Lori Brennan Executive Director of the Pennsylvania/Delaware chapter of The Nature Conservancy. © Samantha Aquila

From the Director: Hope, Optimism and Resilience

2020 was a tumultuous year as we navigated the global pandemic, extreme political divisions and glaring illustrations of racial injustice. Yet through this, we have seen that our work, our teams and our planet are incredibly resilient, and I enter this new year with hope and optimism. I wish you—the dedicated supporters of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Pennsylvania and Delaware—have weathered these storms well enough and potentially emerged even stronger with a renewed sense of a brighter future.

Despite all these challenges, we have many accomplishments to share from last year. At the beginning of 2020, TNC merged the Delaware and Pennsylvania chapters to have a greater impact on people and nature in our region. We know that rivers, forests and the wildlife that call them home do not abide by our geographic borders. Large-scale conservation efforts require working across our human-made borders, economic sectors and political aisles, which we continue to do with the greatest possible efficiency.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement is that we have completed a once in a lifetime accomplishment with the purchase of the roughly 1,100-acre parcel of forest adjacent to our existing Cove Mountain Preserve, which has quadrupled the property size. The Cove Mountain Preserve expansion has now created a contiguous 14-mile corridor of protected lands across the Kittatinny Ridgeconnecting the preserve to state game lands and TNC easements conserving a corridor of global significance and a place for wildlife to move in response to a changing climate.

TNC is tackling some of the toughest challenges facing people and nature today. Now is the time to work together to dramatically decrease the rate of biodiversity loss and drastically cut carbon emissions—the health of our planet depends on it. The work highlighted in this report would not have been possible without your help, and we are truly thankful.

2020 Impact Report: What's Inside

Managing Forests

From western Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Front, to the Poconos in the northeast, TNC works with a variety of partners to improve and maintain forests around the state.

  • A man in a red vest ties an orange plastic tag around the trunk of a tree in a forest. Another tagged tree is visible in the foreground.

    Working Woodlands

    In spite of delays due to COVID-19, we completed our first carbon inventory at our West Branch Preserve, situated in the heart of Pennsylvania’s High Allegheny Plateau. Explore PA's healthy forests.

Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

  • Farm buildings and silos are surrounded by green fields.

    Supporting Farmers in PA

    TNC works with a network of partners in the PA 4R Alliance to provide education and technical assistance to farmers that are implementing advanced nutrient stewardship practices on their farms. Contributing to clean water success.

Building Healthy Cities

TNC's urban conservation initiatives are mainstreaming nature-based solutions to help transform city landscapes and livelihoods for the benefit of nature and people.

  • The Philadelphia city skyline is reflected in the wide flat water of the Delaware River as a man casts a fishing line from a short dock along the river's edge.


    To address water quality issues, TNC is partnering with private community-based landowners to design and implement tree trenches, rain gardens, and bioswales to filter stormwater, restore urban habitat and create new green community spaces. Tangible benefits to city landscapes.

  • Aerial view of the South Wilmington Wetland Park under construction.


    Now nearly complete, the South Wilmington Wetland Park has re-engineered a neighborhood’s 100-year-old combined stormwater and sewage infrastructure and created a unique urban green space that serves as a model for climate resilience. Connecting people and nature.

Our Incredible Volunteers

We’re thankful for the dedicated volunteers who are willing to give their time and talents throughout the year. Despite the pandemic, 318 people in Pennsylvania and Delaware still managed to volunteer for us in 2020.

  • Two girls standing on a beach holding large plastic bags filled with trash. They are both bundled up against the cold and wearing face masks. The water behind them is calm.


    2.07 tons of trash were collected along local waterways and at TNC Preserves across Pennsylvania & Delaware during our virtual stream cleanup event in the fall. Engaging with volunteers.

  • A man wearing a blue mask stands in knee deep water at the edge of a forest trail. A woman wearing a mask stands on the slightly higher dry ground holding a clipboard.


    Since 2016, more than 45 Stream Stewards volunteers have completed 540 hours of training and contributed over 1,000 hours of water quality monitoring. Science-based conservation.

  • Conservation successes and highlights from the Pennsylvania / Delaware chapter.

    2020 Impact Report

    A look back at conservation successes across Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  • El Informe de Impacto de 2020 ahora está por descargar disponible en español!

    Informe de Impacto 2020

    Informe de Impacto anual de 2020 ahora está por descargar disponible en español!


Make a Difference

Together we can find creative solutions to tackle our most complex conservation challenges and build a stronger future for people and nature. Will you help us continue this work?