Become a Volunteer Naturalist Guide

At The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Why Volunteer With Wings & Water?

See how one volunteer is making a difference and getting kids outside.


Why volunteer with Wings & WaterWatch the video to see how one volunteer makes a difference by getting kids outside!

Despite the fact that the Great Salt Lake is one of the world's most important migratory bird habitats, many Utahns still mistake this incredible natural resource for a "dead sea." 

We must act now. Without a change in public attitude, Utahns may lose their most unique natural treasure, putting bird populations throughout the Western Hemisphere at risk.

You can make a difference. Do you love the outdoors?  Do you enjoy being with people of all ages?  You can help instill a conservation ethic in Utah's next generations.

You Can Help

The Conservancy is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to educate school groups and lead public tours during the fall and spring seasons at our award-winning visitor center.

If you enjoy interacting with children, have a flexible schedule and want to learn more about the Great Salt Lake, this exciting volunteer opportunity could be perfect for you.  Download the job description and job application today!