Our World, Our Texas

The world we depend on depends on us.

From the coastal prairies around Galveston Bay to the high desert of West Texas, Texans depend on healthy and sustainable natural resources for food, water, energy. But a growing population and increased demand will put stress our already-fragile natural systems. That’s where The Nature Conservancy comes in.

We have the unique ability to tackle these challenges from all angles, by using innovative local solutions to inform global strategies and create lasting change.

Our World, Our Texas (PDF)


As Texas’ population grows, our efforts in land, water and coastal protection are more important than ever. Here’s what we’re doing:

•  Working with private landowners, public agencies and government entities to implement projects across five key landscapes, improve aquifer management practices, influence statewide freshwater policies and restore Texas lakes and rivers
•  Implementing modern solutions to rebuild oyster reefs, protect Gulf Coast communities and create a blueprint for restoration throughout the Gulf of Mexico
•  Working with city leaders to identify ways they can integrate nature into city planning and development


With millions of acres, miles of river and streams, and 25 million people (and counting!) urbanizing rural areas, Texas reflects some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. The Conservancy’s extensive preserve system offers our science staff a real-world setting to develop on-the-ground solutions for land management, water protection and coastal restoration.


Our goals are ambitious: By 2020, we aspire to conserve 1 million acres in Texas. We will protect the freshwater systems that provide drinking water to 25 million Texans. We will restore healthy fisheries, reefs and shorelines in critical locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico. We will help growing cities invest in natural infrastructure, strengthen the connection between people and nature, and create new ambassadors for our cause.


With your support, we can make Texas a global force in conservation. Join us! Discover how you can get involved.


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