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blooming in Marble Falls, Texas.
Texas bluebonnets blooming in Marble Falls, Texas. © Linda Nickell/TNC Photo Contest 2018

This work is all of ours—for the love of Texas, our planet and our future.

For the Love of Texas We're working to protect the health of our state's lands, freshwater and oceans while mitigating and adapting to a changing climate.

In a changing world, there's no better constant than nature to rely on for comfort, solace and stability—and there's no shortage of beautiful natural treasures within the Lone Star State's borders. You name it, we have it: shortgrass, tallgrass, desert, mountains, marshes, forests and oceans.

Since 1964, TNC Texas has conserved nearly one million acres of these landscapes and more than 200 miles of its rivers and streams. But with 1,000 people moving to our state every day and a climate that continues to change, Texas is at a crossroads.

As we look to a healthier and more resilient future for all Texans—no matter where in this great state they live—we’re developing science-based solutions that scale equitably across the state and beyond our borders and will protect the health of our lands, waters and Gulf coastline while mitigating and adapting to climate change. If we can get it right in Texas, we can get it right anywhere. This work is all of ours—for the love of Texas, our planet and our future.


 “Lone Star State” calls to mind wide, open spaces and clear, dark skies. But as Texas becomes more crowded, developed and fragmented, the lands we love are being stretched to their limits. Protecting the places and spaces that fuel our economy, provide food and water and sustain wildlife and our way of life is more critical than ever.

Through partnerships with private landowners, land conservation on our 40 preserves statewide and collaboration with partners, The Nature Conservancy is accelerating conservation in Texas, creating a network of resilient and connected lands and waters that will allow nature to adapt to a growing state and a changing climate.


Water is the lifeblood of our state, flowing from our major aquifers to the taps of millions of residents, through our beloved spring-fed creeks and swimming holes and into the river basins that sustain our fish and freshwater species. By 2050, Texas is projected to nearly double in size, putting enormous pressure on our water resources. As we contend with hurricanes on the heels of severe drought, conserving water and rethinking how we use it is the most efficient and cost-effective way to safeguard our state water supply.

To continue preserving this finite resource for future generations, The Nature Conservancy is working to protect land in and around our water supplies, advocate for sustainable water policies and establish sound science in support of nature’s vital role in water protection.


The Gulf of Mexico is one of the hardest-working bodies of water in the world, powering our coastal economy, supporting more than 20 million jobs and providing habitat for over 15,000 species. Yet years of development, land fragmentation and disaster—from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to Hurricane Harvey—have jeopardized the resilience of the Texas Gulf Coast. Lives and homes have been lost, particularly in communities already working hard to combat a historic lack of resources, the Gulf fisheries economy is declining and our marine ecosystems are in peril. Texas needs the Gulf, but right now, it needs us. 

The Nature Conservancy is at the forefront of ongoing Gulf restoration efforts, protecting land that safeguards iconic Texas species, constructing oyster reefs that boost Gulf ecology and economy and examining nature’s role in buffering our coastal communities from extreme weather.


Texas experiences all of the major challenges facing the world today, and we’re seeing more of everything now: hurricanes and flooding, extreme heat and drought, air pollution, water scarcity and quality concerns, vulnerable coastlines and habitat and species loss. Moreover, these issues have a disproportionate impact on populations that are already working to overcome historic inequities, including children, the elderly, communities of color, people with chronic health issues and those who are economically marginalized.

With a spirit of collaboration and co-creation, TNC is working with partners to promote climate action, support clean energy, reduce emissions and advocate for nature-based solutions that can make our communities stronger and more resilient—before the next big catastrophe hits. Climate change touches everyone in Texas, and we all have a hand in finding solutions.

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