North Dakota

Hunting Opportunities at Nature Conservancy Preserves

North Dakota has a long tradition of hunting, passed on from generation to generation. It’s an important part of our history, culture and economy. Hunters were some of the early conservationists in our state, and they continue to support habitat protection through hunting license fees and taxes on guns and ammunition.

The Nature Conservancy provides hunting opportunities at all five of our preserves in North Dakota.

Hunting is an important management tool for the Conservancy, particularly to reduce the damage to native plant communities from white-tail deer.

With the increase in human population and fragmentation of land due to conversion for development, energy use and agriculture, the lands available for hunting in North Dakota are decreasing.

The Conservancy’s work to protect more than 41,000 acres in North Dakota since 1981 protects the habitat that game species and other wildlife need to survive and provides places where young and old alike can enjoy hunting and other recreational activities.

While all of our preserves in North Dakota provide hunting opportunities, there are restrictions to protect sensitive natural areas. Hunters must comply with all of our hunting rules. 

Permit Required
Brown Ranch and Pigeon Point
No hunting of sharp-tailed grouse or prairie chickens.
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Cross Ranch
Open only for deer-hunting in the North Unit.
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No Permit Needed
Davis Ranch
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John E. Williams Preserve
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