Skip Pudney's Green Swamp Photos

The best of Brunswick county's longleaf savannas, carnivorous plants and flowers

Path through the trees at the Green Swamp Preserve © Skip Pudney

The spreading pogonia orchid is adapted to fire and benefits from controlled burning © Skip Pudney

Parts of the lance leaved milkweed are poisonous if ingested © Skip Pudney

Butterfly in the ferns at the Green Swamp Preserve © Skip Pudney

A spider attacks a Barbara Button © Skip Pudney

A bee explores a meadow beauty flower © Skip Pudney

A Venus flytrap begins to regenerate quickly after controlled fire © Skip Pudney

A sabatia flower is accosted by a lynx spider © Skip Pudney

Pine lilies are found as far north as Virginia and as far south as Florida © Skip Pudney

Carolina grass-of-parnassus is actually not a grass, but an herbaceous dicot (flowering plant) © Skip Pudney

Carolina Jasmine is a vine that can reach up to 15-20 feet high © Skip Pudney

A bug sits on this sabatia flower, also called rose gentian © Skip Pudney

The carnivorous pitcher plant produces a distinctive, droopy flower © Skip Pudney

White fringed orchids are threatened or endangered many of the places they occur © Skip Pudney

Venus flytraps eat mostly insects and spiders © Skip Pudney

Green Swamp Landscape © Skip Pudney

Blazing Star © Skip Pudney

Pixie Moss are threatened by conversion of their habitat as well as fire supression © Skip Pudney

Purple pitcher plant © Skip Pudney

Ferns as far as the eye can see © Skip Pudney

North America is home to over 200 orchid species - more than half of which are threatened or endangered in their native habitat © Skip Pudney

The rose pogonia orchid is also known as the "snake mouth orchid" © Skip Pudney

The carnivorous sundew plants have been known to live up to 50 years © Skip Pudney

A pink flower accompanies this regal, carnivorous pitcher plant.

The peak of bloom for the water spider orchid is in June. © Skip Pudney

Here, the blooms of the water spider orchid up-close. © Skip Pudney

Kalmia Carolina is also known as Carolina laurel © Skip Pudney

Longleaf pine trees © Skip Pudney

Pitcher plant flowers bloom in clusters © Skip Pudney

A lynx spider hangs out on a thistle flower © Skip Pudney

Yellow fringed orchid © Skip Pudney

Carnivorous sundew flowers up-close © Skip Pudney

A thistle flower in its shedding phase © Skip Pudney

A meadow beauty with the savanna in the background © Skip Pudney