Coastal Plain

North Carolina's Coastal Plain runs from Virginia to South Carolina and extends inward almost to Raleigh. TNC has worked in the Coastal Plain for three decades to protect the unique natural communities that thrive here.

Why so Special?

The region's numerous rivers, streams and wetlands are the lifeblood of the Coastal Plain, providing rich habitat for plants and animals, soaking up flood waters and feeding North Carolina's sounds and bays.

In these low lying areas, a rise of mere inches in elevation can bring a host of different species and habitat types. The Coastal Plain has some of the richest biodiversity found anywhere in the world, supporting an amazing range of plant life. Rare animals (some federally endangered) like the red-cockaded woodpecker make this place home, as doe black bear, the bald eagle and the American alligator.

The Coastal Plain is the site of some of the Conservancy's most recognized North Carolina projects, from the floodplain forests of the Roanoke River to the longleaf savannas of the Green Swamp to the many state parks and national wildlife refuges that dot the region. One of our most important - and sometimes surprising - partners in this region is the U.S. military.