Big Rivers Corridor

Take a tour of one of the largest conservation land purchases in Kentucky.

Visitors to the Big Rivers WMA will experience a variety of wildlife habitats and breathtaking views. Interior roads, such as this one, can be used to explore the property.

Rolling hills offer visitors an excellent vantage point for wildlife viewing.

A bluff offers spectacular view of the Ohio River.

The Ohio River serves as a major conduit for barge industry traffic.

Staff from the Conservancy and KDFWR explore the Tradewater River. The Tradewater, a tributary of the Ohio River, runs through the WMA and offers a great opportunity for fishing and bird watching.

Large trees are abundant in the forested areas of the tract.

Wildflowers are abundant in the open fields. These areas also offer an excellent opportunity to view wildlife such as deer and turkey.

Wetland areas such as this one act as a filter for pollutants from the surrounding area.

The Big Rivers WMA boasts a wide variety of habitats, including bottomland hardwood forest.

Visitors can also experience the unique geology of the area.

Maps guide discussion and decision making related to the many restoration activities planned for the property.

Projects of this magnitude cannot happen without strong partnerships.