Davis Bend Nature Preserve

Caught On the Nature Cam

A doe and her fawns meet up with some wild turkey.

Is this jumping for joy or a leap of faith? Only the camera knows.

Some bucks lose their antlers early in the year while others still have them late into the winter.

There are plenty of strong opinions about coyotes but few can deny that the eyes of a coyote convey intelligence, cunning and pure wildness.

The nature cam regularly captures snapshots of one particular bobcat. No doubt he has all he needs within the Preserve…food, water and shelter aplenty.

Many whitetail spend time at Davis Bend, where food is plentiful in the form of nut and fruit producing trees, as well as an abundance of native grasses and forbs.

Once scarce in most local woodlands, a rafter of 20 or more turkeys is not an unusual sight while driving the back country roads around Hart County.

A gobbler with a beard takes center stage at Davis Bend.