Climate Change Stories

North America Climate Solutions

Across North America, with the help of you and our partners, we are tackling climate change through smart policies, natural solutions, energy siting and agriculture.

A man stands on a large stump and looks out at a forest.
Klamath River Fishing guide and Yurok tribal member, Pergish Carlson, stands atop a tree trunk and looks at the forests around the Klamath River in northern California. © Kevin Arnold
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Climate change is the single greatest threat to our economy, our communities and to the natural places we love.  You can be part of the climate solution.

Photo looking up at a canopy of mixed hardwood trees.
Tall Trees View of evergreens in Felton, California. © Casey Horner

Natural Climate Solutions

  • Photo of three men on a farm looking at the ground.

    New Report Shows Power of Nature to Tackle Climate Change in Minnesota

    A new report by The Nature Conservancy shows that Natural areas and working lands can provide more than half the reductions needed to meet the state’s 2025 goal for greenhouse gas emissions. See what the report says.

  • Panther Knob Preserve.

    Natural Climate Solutions in West Virginia

    The Central Appalachians will help ensure nature’s survival as climate change alters natural areas and weather patterns. See the solutions in West Virginia

  • Photo of flooding on a city street.

    How Nature Can Help Reduce Flood Risks

    Conservation is an economical way to avoid costly flood damages. In some areas the benefits are 5x the cost. See the natural solutions