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Mojave Desert Red Rock State Park, Tehachapi, California © Ian Shive

Name TNC as a Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance Policy

You can help protect the world's most important lands and waters by designating The Nature Conservancy as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. It's an easy way to make a difference for future conservation work.

Quote: Beth Salerno

We wanted to ensure our money went to the causes we cared most about. It was simply a matter of knowing what you care about and putting that down on paper.

Mad Island Marsh ALL INTERNAL RIGHTS, LIMITED EXTERNAL RIGHTS. December 2013. The Mad Island Marsh Preserve protects 7,063 acres, including rare tallgrass coastal prairies. Every winter, birders flock to preserves and parks to tally species and take part in the Christmas Bird Count, a friendly competition that pits teams from across the contitent against each other. For five years, the team at The Nature Conservancy's Mad Island Marsh Preserve has come out ahead. Photo credit: © Karine Aigner © Karine Aigner