Advancing U.S. Policy

Learn how TNC partners with federal, state, local and tribal governments to protect nature—and what you can do to help.

U.S. Capitol Building at Sunset.
Washington, DC, USA. The United States Capitol in Washington, DC, USA. © Devan King/The Nature Conservancy

Policy makes conservation and climate action possible.

That is why we have experts on staff who help influence how government policies in the United States are written and brought to life. They focus on policies that are equitable, nonpartisan, ambitious and grounded in science.

And it is why we encourage you to speak up for nature by letting your leaders in Congress, the Executive Office, state capitols and government agencies know what you think can be done differently to address climate change and protect the diversity of life on earth.

Voices—ours and yours—are needed for meaningful policies all along the way. Speak up when new legislation is proposed, celebrate it when it is passed and defend it so that funding is not stripped away at a later date. We must also help shape how the fine print for new programs included in legislation is written and decisions are made on how to allocate new funding. That is TNC’s proven approach to policy—help create legislation, help implement it and help defend it.

Government leaders cannot address all the threats to nature. Private sector companies, Indigenous peoples and local communities, scientists, investors and others also play a critical role. But government action is one of the strongest levers we have for quickly creating durable, large scale solutions to protect the natural areas worldwide that are are the foundation for our economy, security and way of life.

We have years, not decades, to solve the interconnected crises of climate change and species loss. Take action now on our top policy priorities.

ADVOCACY IN ACTION (3:50) Throughout the year, TNC staff and leaders visit lawmakers in Washington, D.C. and in their home states to advocate for policy action on conservation. Watch one advocate’s journey to create a future in which people and nature thrive.
Sinopah Mountain at sunrise at Glacier National Park.
MORNING BEACON Sinopah Mountain illuminated during a fall sunrise at Glacier National Park. Even today, elected leaders are voting on how much funding National Parks receive each year. © Jeff Stamer Firefall Photography/TNC


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