A green pasture in Hawai'i
Aerial view of Kahuku Ranch's upper pasture in Hawaii. © Adriel Heisey


Our Federal Policy Work in the United States

Sustaining the healthy natural systems that are the foundation for our economy, security and way of life.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) advances and defends science-based, nonpartisan policy solutions that work for both people and nature. TNC believes the health of natural systems and the welfare of human communities are closely linked and that diverse public and private interests can work together to achieve lasting conservation success.

Approach to Public Policy

TNC proposes initiatives that:

  • Promote more efficient solutions to resource management problems.
  • Are ambitious but practical, with long-term benefits.
  • Take advantage of the power and value of nature.
  • Respect human needs.
  • Use market mechanisms to achieve resource management goals.
  • Emphasize cooperation across agency, political and organizational boundaries.
  • Recognize public sector fiscal constraints.


Photo of sun setting over New York Harbor.
Protecting Lands and Waters Programs like LWCF help ensure protection of lands and waters and public access. © Diane Cook & Len Jenshel

Protecting Our Nation’s Lands, Waterways and Oceans

We’re advocating for protection of public lands and forests, as well as smart fisheries and water management systems, to ensure sustainable food and water supplies.

Using Nature to Protect Communities from Natural Disasters

We’re urging lawmakers to use nature-based solutions to enhance communities’ resilience to storms and wildfires and address the country’s infrastructure needs.

Increasing Government Funding for Conservation

We’re asking for robust federal funding for conservation and science programs and reforms to tax policy that would improve conservation outcomes.


Tackling Climate Change and Boosting Clean Energy

We’re fostering collaboration among nonprofits, corporations and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to reduce carbon emissions and invest in cleaner, more reliable energy systems.


Preserving the Government’s Core Environmental Protections

We’re defending the federal laws that provide basic protections for endangered species, wildlife and important habitats across the country.