Who We Are

Together, We Find A Way

By advancing science and elevating local knowledge, we can overcome the barriers to climate and biodiversity solutions.

Icy waterfall from above.
Great Lakes TNC staff members set fish traps to assess fish population diversity and health in wetland restoration projects like Cedar Point NWR. © Ariana Lindquist

We help breakthroughs break through.

Facing the dual crises of accelerated climate change and biodiversity loss, the odds may seem insurmountable. But ideas are powerful, and so is partnership. For 70 years, we've beaten the odds by partnering with communities across the globe to elevate the most effective natural solutions.

That’s how by 2030, we’ll protect more than 10% of the world’s oceans, help 100 million people become more climate resilient, and take 650 million cars’ worth of emissions out of the air every year.

Through cutting-edge science and age-old wisdom, we're bringing the best ideas to light. Here are some of them in action:

Climate Solutions Explained

Embark on a quick and colorful journey through four important topics at the heart of our game-changing conservation vision.

Natural Climate Solutions Explained (3:01) In this video, it's the future, and we look back on how we saved the world with nature. In the 2020s, we learned that nature could pull 11 billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. This was a full third of the emission reductions we needed! So how did nature do all this?

To overcome the barriers ahead, it will take all of us.
Learn more about how we're developing breakthrough ideas, amplifying local knowledge and forging new paths forward:

A meandering river winds its way through a green marsh.
A lone mangrove tree silhouetted against the evening sky interrupts the horizon on the inner reef near the village of Utwe on Kosrae Island, Micronesia. © Nick Hall