A dense forest dotted with orange and red leaves with a shallow creek.
TNC Texas Fall foliage at Lennox Woods Preserve in northeast Texas, which is open to the public from dawn to dusk. © R.J. Hinkle

Make a Difference in Texas

The Nature Conservancy has protected land and water in Texas since 1964. To date, we’ve conserved nearly one million acres of land and more than 200 miles of rivers and streams. With your support, we can continue working to safeguard the state’s natural landscapes, preserve the Gulf of Mexico and improve the resilience of Texas cities for future generations to enjoy.


2023 Texas Annual Report

TNC Texas has protected 1 million acres in the Lone Star State! Explore our 2023 conservation wins that contributed to this achievement.

Two birds with mottled brown feathers and orange sacs on their faces in a grassy field.
Attwater's Prairie Chicken These critically endangered grouse are native to Texas' coastal prairies. © Claire Everett/TNC

See the Places We Protect in Your Community

With 37 nature preserves and conservation properties and more than 150 easements, we have to date protected nearly 1 million acres in Texas.

Rocky mountains tower over brown grass and an asphalt road.
A small bird with a yellow head and a black and grey body sits on a twig.
A young boy stands on the edge of a blue pond fishing with a rod.
A pathway covered with fallen leaves and lined with shrubs and trees.
Two women use their phones to take pictures in a field of tall, dense yellow flowers.