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View of snow-capped mountains and river at River Fork Ranch
River Fork Ranch Carson River Fork Ranch © Chip Carroon

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For more than 35 years, we have brought innovative, collaborative, science-based solutions to Nevada's most important environmental challenges around the state to ensure a Nevada for future generations where both people and nature thrive.

Nevadans are, by nature, proud. We are Battle Born, we are independent, and we protect what we believe matters most. 

There's no place like our rugged, beautiful Nevada. Nevada means home to ranchers and miners, hunters and anglers, recreation enthusiasts, innovative business leaders, diverse and growing cities, immense natural beauty, more than 3,800 species of plants and animals and our future generations. It's also home to incredible variation in geography, topography and biodiversity. 

But Nevada also needs our help. Increasing wildfire frequency and intensity threatens to destory our state's forests and rangelands and impact water resources. Growing demands on water resources and shrinking supplies threaten the habitats on which our wildlife depend. Rapid urban growth is creating new challenges for open spaces and balancing the needs for people and nature. 

That's why for more than 35 years, we have brought innovative, science-based solutions to conservation work. By applying science to the restoration of lands and waters, we engage communities across the state in recognizing and protecting Nevada's resources. We envision a Nevada where people come together to secure a future with healthy land, water and wildlife, and where communities thrive for generations to come. 

We can't achieve these goals alone. Your support will be put to work on projects that deliver long-lasting benefits to our state. We are deeply thankful for your support, and you inspire us to continue our work and ensure a future for Nevada where people and nature thrive. 


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We’re tackling the biggest threats to land and water across Nevada so people and nature can thrive.