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Hands hold soil in Kentucky.
Hands In Soil Healthy soils are important to growing food, supporting wildlife and storing carbon. © Mike Wilkinson

Make a Difference in Kentucky

From the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the east to the fertile Mississippi River Basin in the west, nature matters to Kentuckians. By supporting our work, you can help ensure a future in which nature and people can thrive.


2024 Spring/Summer Field Notes Newsletter

Learn about the increased conservation of land in the Daniel Boone National Forest, ecological farming and more conservation partnerships!


Our Strategic Priorities

Delivering meaningful solutions for people and nature locally and making significant contributions to TNC’s 2030 goals.

See the Places We Protect in Your Community

From rivers and wetlands to forests and prairies, TNC is protecting some of Kentucky's most beautiful and biodiverse areas. Learn more about our preserves and plan your visit today!

Autumnal foliage at Robinson Forest in Kentucky.
People enjoy a natural stream in the mountains of Kentucky.
Trees open up to rolling hills in Kentucky.
Sunset over Kentucky is reflected on a waterway below.
An aerial view of western Kentucky shows forest and farmland leading up to the Mississippi River.