Six people pose together during a stream cleanup event. They are holding large black plastic trash bags and carrying long orange grabbers.
Delaware Volunteers Volunteers clean up trash in the First State National Historical Park in Delaware. © The Nature Conservancy/John Hinkson

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Thanks for your interest in dedicating your time to conserving Delaware nature!

Volunteering in Delaware

There is more than one way to volunteer for The Nature Conservancy in Delaware! In addition to participating in stream cleanups and events on our preserves in southern Delaware, our volunteers perform internet research, help at events, educate members and complete administrative tasks in the office.

We are seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Preserve Monitors: Assist with monitoring TNC’s Edward H. McCabe Preserve on a regular basis (approximately 4-6 visits per year) to assess the condition and needs of the preserve and keep us informed of any issues. Preserve monitors are also asked to help remove smaller branches from trails and pick up litter. Volunteers are also needed at the McCabe Preserve’s 39-acre reforestation site to help stake up trees and cut back encroaching vegetation. Additional guidance and instructions will be provided upon inquiry.
  • Advocate for Nature: Speak up for nature by contacting government and elected officials. You can help influence and shape the Delaware policies needed to create a future in which people and nature thrive. No experience necessary and we will provide all the tools. Learn more about our public policy agenda today.
  • Stream Clean-ups: Hosted every spring and fall in the Beaver Valley unit of First State National Historical Park, these recurring cleanups are necessary due to upstream trash entering the park via Rocky Run. This opportunity is great for kids and people of all ages, individuals and groups of all sizes.
  • Stream Stewards: If you’re passionate about watershed protection and willing to commit time each month to volunteer, then consider the Stream Stewards project. You don’t need a scientific background, just a willingness to learn about data collection methods and stream health.
  • Volunteer Photography/Videography: Take pictures and/or video at TNC events or on our preserves for use in TNC’s publications, website and social media.
  • Social Media: Actively share information about TNC’s work in Delaware on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Contact for more information about current opportunities or fill out the interest form below to recieve regular updates.

Guide to iNaturalist

Join a community of scientists using our iNaturalist fact sheet.

Become A Community Scientist

We are creating a community science database of all kinds of life—from lichens to ants, mushrooms to plants, birds to mammals and everything in between for our preserves in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

TNC's roots began with local citizens and scientists concerned about special places and species. That legacy continues today. Across our lands, we are utilizing iNaturalist—a digital platform that gives users an opportunity to share and discuss their findings.

Of the 14 preserve projects in iNaturalist, nine have observations recorded; help us increase that number and our understanding of the species—good and bad, native as well as invasive—that can be found on TNC lands across the state. This information can also help guide and inform our conservation staff's management and monitoring decisions.

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